Taxpayers funding immigrant trips north, envelopes of cash ‘for whatever they want’

Illegal immigrants hoping to cross the U.S.-Mexico border are receiving over $1 billion in money cards, envelopes of cash, and other benefits paid for by U.S. taxpayers as part of President Joe Biden’s pro-immigration programs, according to a watchdog investigation.

In funds provided by the State Department and U.S.-backed United Nations outlets, religious-based and other humanitarian groups are paving “migration trails” with cold cash and free “loans” to help ease the hardships immigrants face as they head to the border, like over 300,000 did in December.

According to an investigation by the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based watchdog group, State handed out some $1.4 billion to international humanitarian groups in just the last year.

The group said that freely available government information showed that the programs have been operating fully funded even though the
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