Take Our Border Back convoy expected to draw 700,000 protesters

A trucking convoy traveling across the United States is seeking people upset over the influx of illegal immigrants entering the country to join its protest, with the southern border as the destination.

The Take Our Border Back convoy is a two-week demonstration organized by the self-proclaimed “God’s Army,” coming from across the U.S. The convoy plans to meet in Dripping Springs, Texas, and then split into two groups that will head to either Yuma, Arizona, or Quemado, Texas.

“To the naysayers: We’re just ordinary citizens, farmers, ranchers, retired police officers,” convoy organizer Kim Yeater said. “Not crazy conspiracy theorists. It will be a peaceful assembly of Americans of all political classes and all ethnicities.”

Yeater said the convoy’s goal is to have around 700,000 people join it on
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