Sunshine and rainbows: Biden says Democrats can beat Trump in Florida despite polls and recent history

President Joe Biden is optimistic about his odds in Florida, former President Donald Trump‘s home state, even as Democrats have floundered there in recent elections.

Biden touted the urgency to win races up and down the ballot in November at a campaign reception on Tuesday at the Pelican Club in Jupiter, Florida. He also joked that the state had received a dose of “Trumpism,” in an apparent jab at his chief 2024 rival and other Florida Republicans, including Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

“In America, we leave nobody behind,” Biden said. “We believe everyone deserves just a fair shot. That’s all. And we give hate no safe harbor. We believe in America. And we know what’s at stake. We have to keep the White House. We have to keep the Senate. We have to win back the House and win up and
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