Six in 10 live ‘paycheck to paycheck,’ 24% have $0 in bank

Bidenomicsisn’t working well, and now there’s proof.

Despite records being broken on Wall Street, those on Main Street are living and working for their next paycheck and have little saved for an emergency.

In the latest Issues and Insights/TIPP poll, released early Wednesday, 64% said they are “living ‘paycheck to paycheck’ these days.”

Even those with good incomes are struggling, the poll analysis said. “More than half of those in the wealthiest income bracket — those earning $75,000 or more a year (53%) — and those who are investors (51%), another relatively wealthy group, each said they’re also having trouble making ends meet on a monthly basis,” the analysis said.

People also don’t have much put away for emergencies, the survey said. Some 24% reported $0 saved, and another 20% said they had just
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