NYC Council rejects Eric Adams push to stop police transparency bill from taking effect

New York City police officers will be expected to document basic information, such as the race, gender, and age of most people they question, after council members overrode Mayor Eric Adams’s veto.

The How Many Stops Act passed through the council at the end of last year and was vetoed by Adams, a Democrat, earlier this month. But on Tuesday, that veto was overwhelmingly overturned in a 42-9 vote.  

The act requires the NYPD to log information from low-level interactions, such as basic identifications, the “reason for the investigative encounter,” if a summons was issued or an arrest made, and if force was used. 

The vote follows outrage over a black councilman stating he was stopped and pulled over by NYC police without an explanation. Police pulled over Councilman Yusef Salaam, an exonerated member of the “Central Park
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