Harvard loses another billionaire donor as school faces civil rights complaints

Harvard University lost another billionaire megadonor this week as the fallout from the school’s handling of antisemitism, plagiarism, and diversity, equity, and inclusion ideology continues.

Hedge fund manager Kenneth C. Griffin, who earned a B.A. from Harvard in 1989, announced he would stop donating to the elite university over its response to antisemitism on campus, but said the school could earn back his funding.

“Until Harvard makes it very clear that they’re going to resume their role as educating young American men and women to be leaders, to be problem solvers, to take on difficult issues, I’m not interested in supporting the institution,” he said at a keynote address during a Managed Funds Association conference in Miami, calling students “whiny snowflakes.”

“Will America’s elite university get back to their roots of educating American children —
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