Ex-Starbucks employee suing chain after being fired for fighting off robbers in store

An ex-Starbucks employee in Missouri is suing the popular coffee chain, claiming he was fired for defending himself against a pair of robbers in the store he was working in.

Michael Harris, 20, says he was informed by Starbucks that he was being fired from his job after he and another employee fought off one of the robbers. Harris explained that when the robbery started, he initially tried to de-escalate the situation, but later fought back after one of the robbers “pistol-whipped me in the back of the head.” Harris later learned that the robbers were using a fake gun.

“I’m not pleased with it,” Harris said on Newsmax’s National Report. “I don’t regret anything, because I know the situation could have turned out very differently, and somebody else could have got hurt. And we didn’t know
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