Conservative voting group warns flood of litigation biggest threat to 2024 elections

A conservative voter integrity group warned that a flood of litigation from left-wing organizations has the potential to profoundly affect the 2024 elections.

In a Wednesday press call, the Honest Elections Project discussed its report, released Friday, outlining safeguards to ensure voting integrity. When asked by the Washington Examiner what he believed was the single greatest threat to the integrity of the 2024 elections, Executive Director Jason Snead said the biggest fear is a disruptive influx of left-wing litigation.

“I think one of the biggest threats that we’re gonna face between now and November is going to be just a torrent of left-wing litigation,” he said.

He pointed to Marc Elias, a Democratic superlawyer, as the primary culprit.

“He has access to an essentially bottomless pit of resources,” Snead said. “If he wants to file a
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