Biden on the Ballot: South Carolinians worry about the economy despite White House messaging

South Carolina commences President Joe Biden’s reelection effort in earnest on Feb. 3 with the first sanctioned Democratic primary. The contest, which he is all but sure to win, will be the first time in 2024 Biden will be on the ballot. As such, the state presents an opportunity to examine the electability of the incumbent president, who has been plagued by low approval ratings across multiple measures and groups. Part three of “Biden on the Ballot” looks at his low approval ratings with the economy.

COLUMBIA, South Carolina — For months, President Joe Biden signaled he would hang his hopes of winning a second term in the White House on an economic rebound from the coronavirus pandemic.

Inflation dropped from a 40-year high of 9%, all while the unemployment rate returned to historic lows. What’s more, Biden sold
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