Mayorkas impeachment careens toward vote as Republicans and Democrats sharpen defense

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas may be the first Cabinet official to be impeached since 1876 as the House moves forward with proceedings against him.

The House Homeland Security Committee is scheduled to mark up two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas on Tuesday.

In the days leading up to the markup, Republicans and Democrats have spent their time crafting their defenses, or condemnations, of the proceedings against the three-year Department of Homeland Security secretary over his handling of the southern border. Members are expected to vote in line with their party.

The House Homeland Security Committee’s 33 members will gather on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning to begin what could be an all-day — even overnight — markup of two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas.

The articles, which were released Sunday morning, accused Mayorkas of willful and
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