Food stamps: Alaska February SNAP benefits worth up to $3,487 arrive for residents in two days

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will send out February payments to all participating households in Alaska in two days.

Alaska, North DakotaRhode Island, and Vermont all send out payments to every SNAP-participating household, regardless of case number or last name, on the 1st of each month.

About 12% of the state’s population, or 92,100 people, receive food stamps in Alaska. The average payment per Alaskan household member per month is $271. In the Last Frontier State, households are split into three regions: Urban, Rural I, and Rural II. Each region produces a different maximum monthly payment.

Urban region households will receive a maximum payment of $374 for a household of one, $1,248 for a household of four, and $2,246 for a household of eight. After eight, the program adds a maximum of $281 for each
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