Boebert bested by four Republicans in battle for new district: Straw poll

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) finished in 5th place out of 10 candidates in a straw poll following Thursday night’s Republican congressional primary debate for the state’s 4th District.

Boebert received 12 of 117 votes cast after the 90-minute debate, placing behind Logan County Commissioner Jerry Sonnenberg, who received 22 votes; former Colorado House Minority Leader Mike Lynch, with 20 votes; Douglas County filmmaker Deborah Flora, with 18 votes; and House Minority Whip Richard Holtorf, with 17 votes.

“I won that debate,” Holtorf told the Washington Examiner. “Pure votes, pure objective votes. I won this raffle, hands down. I am a prominent candidate, I am a serious candidate, and I am the most qualified candidate. I think the field saw that.”

The state representative explained the voting process involved what he called “stack[ing] the ballot,” in which certain candidates brought
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