As border crossings go down in El Paso, Denver sees immigrant arrivals decrease

Editor’s note: Welcome to the Denver Gazette’s Border Crossroads, a series of dispatches from America’s southern border, where reporter Nico Brambila and multimedia producer Tom Hellauer are chronicling the crisis that is spilling over into Denver and other interior cities.

EL PASO, Texas — Border crossings in El Paso, Texas, are down, but officials in this West Texas town do not expect the reprieve to last.

While Denver officials are unsure how many of the more than 38,000 immigrants from Central and South America who crossed the border illegally came through El Paso, one thing appears clear — the surges in this border town can be felt 600 miles away in Colorado’s most populous city.

Officials here in El Paso are bracing for more arrivals.

Releases by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in El Paso correspond to the waves of arriving immigrants
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