Shock: Number of Democratic ‘new shooters’ nearly doubles under Biden

As the 2024 elections begin in earnest, each side is settling on their key topics, and banning guns is a favorite for Democrats.

But they should be careful pushing too hard because the latest data about who is buying and shooting guns look a lot like a list of liberal Democratic voters.

“New shooters are more likely to be black, Democrats, Hispanic or Latino, younger, female, and from a large city or suburb,” said a report from the industry’s trade group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation. “There are large increases in the percentages of new shooters who are young, female, and from a large city or suburban area.”

Their latest “Firearm Ownership & Sports Shooting Participation Report,” provided to Secrets, added, “Compared to 2020, the percentage of new shooters who are Democrats nearly doubled.”

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