RFK Jr. says Trump team reached out about VP spot

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he would not accept the vice presidential spot on former President Donald Trump’s 2024 ticket, despite already having been approached by Trump’s team.

“I would not take that job,” Kennedy, 70, said in a recent interview with NewsNation. “I’m flattered that President Trump would offer to me, but it’s not something that I’m interested in.”

The idea of a Trump-Kennedy ticket had been floated by the Trump campaign, according to Kennedy.

BREAKING: Robert Kennedy Jr. says that members of President Trump’s team did ask him to be Trump’s Vice President for his second administration.
“People from the team have reached out to me,” Kennedy said.

RFK Jr. also stated, “I’m flattered President Trump would offer (that) to… pic.twitter.com/uMJ6ePI71j

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