Pretty penny: For $5,000, Democrats can be Biden’s ‘friend’

President Joe Biden will be campaigning in Las Vegas next weekend, including holding a fundraiser where his campaign charges $5,000 to be listed as a “friend” of the president.

The high price tag is considered the lowest donation tier, while being a “host” is the most expensive, requiring a $100,000 donation. The event, which will be held on Sunday, comes two days before the Feb. 6 Democratic primary.

Other tiers include being a “co-host,” which requires a  $50,000 donation, being a “champion,” which requires a $25,000 donation, and “advocate,” which costs $10,000, according to Politico. 

The visit to the Silver State will be the president’s first trip to Nevada specifically to garner support ahead of the 2024 elections. Vice President Kamala Harris visited the state this past
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