Leaker of Trump’s taxes to be sentenced amid criticism of ‘weak’ prosecution

Charles Littlejohn, who admitted to carrying out an elaborate scheme to disclose former President Donald Trump’s tax returns illegally, is set to be sentenced Monday in the district court of Washington, D.C.

Littlejohn faces a maximum penalty of five years in jail after he pleaded guilty in October to a single charge, unauthorized disclosure of tax returns.

The former Internal Revenue Service contractor told prosecutors that he carried out a plot that involved carefully working around IRS protocols to access Trump’s returns and the returns of thousands of other wealthy people, according to court filings. Littlejohn said he then leaked the returns to the New York Times and ProPublica.

Littlejohn’s attorney asked Judge Ana Reyes for leniency in a sentencing memorandum last week, saying he did not act out of self-interest but rather “out of a deep, moral belief
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