Kappa Kappa Gamma alumni suing sorority for allowing transgender women membership

Alumni of Kappa Kappa Gamma are suing their sorority over its position of allowing biological men to become members.

The lawsuit in question, filed on Thursday, states that a transgender woman is being considered for a potential leadership role in the sorority, which could make KKG the first sorority with a transgender woman as its president. The candidate being considered, Tracy Nadzieja, was KKG’s first transgender woman member, accepting a position as an alumna initiate in the sorority in 2020.

“The Candidate has currently applied for, and is being considered for, a position in leadership to be voted on through an on-line election in April 2024,” the lawsuit reads. “This position could include being elected to Fraternity Council or even president of KKG. Most members remain unaware that the Candidate is a man.”

The suit also claims that Nadzieja was “fast-tracked” to a leadership position within the sorority
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