Judge questions DOJ leniency in Trump tax leaker case, gives 5-year prison sentence

A judge grilled a Department of Justice prosecutor on Monday over why the government charged Charles Littlejohn with just one count of unauthorized disclosure of taxes after Littlejohn admitted to leaking the private information of more than a thousand taxpayers to the media in 2020.

“The fact that he is facing one felony count, I have no words for,” Judge Ana Reyes said during Littlejohn’s sentencing hearing.

Littlejohn, a former Internal Revenue Service contractor, was sentenced Monday to five years in prison for the single charge. The sentence was the maximum allowable penalty, and the DOJ had urged the judge to impose it.

Littlejohn admitted to prosecutors last fall that he carried out a plot that involved carefully working around IRS protocols to access and disclose former President Donald Trump’s returns and “over a thousand” returns of other wealthy people, according to court filings. Littlejohn said
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