Ilhan Omar condemned on social media after passionate speech supporting Somalia

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was harshly criticized by conservatives on social media Sunday after a video was shared showing her speaking about her support for Somalia, the nation from which she hails.

In the video, the liberal Minnesota leader was addressing a crowd in a Minneapolis hotel when she spoke about Somaliland and the unrecognized state’s deal with Ethiopia, which Somalia alleges infringes on its territory.

The video shared to X contains an English translation, which has not been verified by the Washington Examiner (however, Omar’s response to the controversy lends credence to the translation being at least largely accurate). The translation includes Omar stating she’s in Congress to represent Somali Americans’ interests and that the “U.S. will do what we want and nothing else.”

While it appears Omar was speaking to a largely Somali American crowd and showing support for her constituents and their motherland, many prominent
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