Alex Murdaugh juror tells court she was influenced by court clerk during 2023 murder trial

A juror in Alex Murdaugh’s 2023 double murder trial testified Monday that she was influenced by comments a court clerk made to her before the jury rendered its verdict in the sensational South Carolina trial that captivated the nation. 

Juror Z told the judge that Rebecca Hill said to “watch [Murdaugh’s] actions” and to “watch him closely.” Juror Z’s testimony and other allegations of jury tampering could lead the judge to grant Murdaugh a new trial. Hill has denied the allegations.  

Murdaugh, 55, was convicted on March 2 of killing his son, Paul, and his wife, Margaret. The jury took only three hours to find him guilty of two counts of murder and two counts of possession of a weapon during a violent crime. The slayings set off a bizarre chain of events that led to dozens of charges accusing him of
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