West Point given short deadline for response to race-based admissions injunction petition

The Supreme Court gave the Military Academy West Point just days to file a response brief to an emergency petition asking for an injunction against the race-based admissions practices of the school.

Students for Fair Admissions, which successfully led the charge against admissions procedures at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina last year, filed the emergency petition late last week. Following the petition’s filing, the Supreme Court requested a response from West Point by Tuesday at 5 p.m.

NEW THIS HOUR: The Court has ordered an unusually quick turnaround for the response brief from West Point. It is due Tuesday by 5pm.

— Steven Mazie (@stevenmazie) January 27, 2024

According to Students for Fair Admissions, “West Point’s use of race in admissions violates the Constitution.”

An emergency injunction pending
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