Nikki Haley bashes RNC for ‘clearly not’ being an honest broker in GOP primary

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley denounced the Republican National Committee, claiming that it has “clearly not” been an honest broker in the Republican primary.

In an appearance on NBC News’s Meet the Press, Haley was asked if she believed the RNC had served as an “honest broker” in the 2024 GOP primary.

“Clearly not,” Haley responded. “If you’re gonna go in and basically tell the American people that you’re gonna go and decide who the nominee is after only two states have voted? I mean, 48 states out there? This is a democracy. The American people want to have their say in who is going to be their nominee, we need to give them that.”

WATCH: @NikkiHaley says the RNC is “clearly not” an honest broker in 2024 race.

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