Hunger activists throw soup onto ‘Mona Lisa’ in Paris museum

A pair of protesters vandalized the “Mona Lisa” painting at the Louvre Museum in Paris, throwing soup onto the iconic painting’s display.

The protesters, who have since been identified as Sasha, 24, and Marie-Juliette, 63, are a part of the group Riposte Alimentaire, which translates to “Food Response.” The two threw their soup onto the glass-protected painting and then took off their jackets, revealing their “Riposte Alimentaire” T-shirts before delivering a speech, according to footage posted on the group’s social media page.

Par leur action non violente, Sasha (24ans) et Marie-Juliette (63ans) exigent la mise en place d'une Sécurité Sociale de l'Alimentation Durable. [2] #SSAD #Alimentation

— Riposte Alimentaire (@riposte_alim) January 28, 2024

“In France, one in three people skip meals due to lack of means,” the group posted in a French
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