Haley says campaign has sold 10,000 ‘barred permanently’ T-shirts

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said her fundraising has only improved since former President Donald Trump began attacking her more ardently.

Haley addressed a rally in South Carolina on Saturday, while Trump hosted one in Nevada. She said her campaign strategy to embrace his “unhinged” political attacks has paid off financially for her.

“Then the next day, unhinged again, [Trump] says for anybody that supports Nikki Haley, you will be barred from MAGA,” Haley said of the day following the New Hampshire primary. “So we had a little fun with that. We started selling T-shirts that said, ‘Barred permanently.’ We sold 10,000 T-shirts. We raised another $1.6 million.”

Haley: Trump was totally unhinged. He was a bit sensitive. He threw a temper tantrum Then the next day. Unhinged
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