You’re fired: Trump’s brutal reaction after losing to Nikki Haley by one vote

Despite former President Donald Trump‘s massive victory in the Iowa caucuses over Nikki Haley, his campaign reaped the repercussions of the former U.N. ambassador winning only one of Iowa‘s 99 counties by the closest margin possible.

Trump swept the first contest on the 2024 GOP primary calendar with 51% of the vote, but Haley won Johnson County, the bluest area in Iowa, by a single vote. Still, Trump’s 30-point victory was a record-setting win. But celebrations were not in order for everyone on Trump’s campaign. 

Trump’s regional political director, who oversaw operations in Johnson County, was not given a seat on the campaign’s private plane on caucus night back to New York, according to the New York Times. Two people familiar with the situation told the outlet that the next morning, she was told
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