Republicans holding up aid for Ukraine could end with US troops at war in Europe: Jeffries

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) predicted that if the aid bill for Ukraine does not pass in the House, it could result in American troops fighting in Europe.

Jeffries appeared Saturday on The Weekend to share his thoughts on the possibility of the bill passing. It is paired with a border bill and is requesting $12 billion in “direct budget support” for the Ukrainian government plus $10 billion in humanitarian aid that will be shared between Ukraine and Gaza, among others. The House minority leader has long been supportive of Ukraine’s effort, which he called successful, citing the 300,000 casualties among the Russian army, which is about 80% of the force.

“I think that if we allow Ukraine to falter because we don’t continue our support, then we are likely in the fight with Russia because of our NATO Article Five obligations,” Jeffries
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