Latest gun ban lawsuit seeks court to declare plaintiff a peace officer

(The Center Square) – A new challenge against Illinois’ gun and magazine ban seeks to have a state district court declare a plaintiff a peace officer and exempt from the state’s prohibition.

Last year, Illinois banned the sale and possession of more than 170 semi-automatic firearms, magazines over certain capacities, and various attachments.

The law impacts everyone except several categories of individuals like peace officers, qualified law enforcement and retired law enforcement, wardens and keepers of prisons and jails, members of the armed services, employees of armed security services and private security contractors.

Lawsuits attempting to block the law filed in state and federal court on Second Amendment grounds have not been successful. Other challenges included claims the law violates equal protections by carving out certain individuals who still have the ability to buy certain firearms that others can’t.

Attorney Thomas DeVore, who had a series of cases last year vacated after
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