How Joe Biden is beating ‘loser’ Donald Trump at his own game

President Joe Biden is taking a page out of former President Donald Trump‘s book in an effort to unsettle his rival.

During Biden’s speech at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Biden smiled as he took a swipe at his likely Republican opponent, calling him a “loser.” Since then, the president has called Trump “the former president” and saying “he’s already Herbert Hoover.” Trump has previously said he doesn’t want an economic crash on his hands because he doesn’t want to be like the 31st president.

When Trump won the Iowa caucuses, Biden was also sure to make that the point that, “I’m still the only person to beat Donald Trump.”

Sources close to Trump told CNN that Trump is doing exactly what Biden’s going for — paying attention.

“I do think he’s trying to get under his skin, and I think
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