Social Security update: February direct payment worth $943 goes out in six days

The first Supplemental Security Income payment of the new year, worth up to $943 for individual filers, will go out to recipients in under one week.

The payment, which is the first check of 2024 because of a scheduling quirk in the Social Security Administration’s calendar, will be released in six days, on Thursday, Feb. 1.

The maximum amount each person receives depends on how each recipient filed for the payment. There are three categories when filing: individual, joint, and essential person. 

This year, individual filers will receive up to $943 each month, eligible couples will receive up to $1,415, and essential persons, who live with people receiving SSI payments and provide them with necessary care, will get up to $472 each month, according to the SSA.

Not every recipient will receive the maximum payment, and
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