Nikki Haley looks to shed ‘establishment’ reputation in South Carolina bid

Former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s 2024 presidential campaign and associated super PAC have made noticeable changes to their messaging, strongly pushing the idea of Haley as an “insurgent” and an “outsider” taking on the “political establishment.”

The strategy hearkens back to Haley’s branding during her campaigns for various state roles in South Carolina, where she served two terms as governor. But she faces a reputational roadblock in the Trump era of the Republican Party that considers her a full-fledged member of said establishment, as well as a “globalist,” due to her more interventionist-leaning foreign policy beliefs and time serving in the United Nations.

During her speech following the New Hampshire primary Tuesday, which she lost to former President Donald Trump, Haley recalled beating “the political establishment” each time she ran for office in
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