McConnell puts to rest doubts over commitment to Ukraine-border package 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) dispelled rumors that he is ready to abandon a border deal as part of any aid package for Ukraine.

In brief comments at Thursday’s Senate GOP conference lunch, McConnell told members that his view had not changed on the subject, according to multiple senators who attended.

The comments put to rest doubts over his commitment to the border talks following reports that McConnell had seemingly wavered at a conference meeting the day before.

In that meeting, McConnell told his Republican colleagues the Senate is in a “quandary” over Ukraine and seemed to entertain the idea of deferring to Donald Trump’s judgment on the border. The former president, who appears headed for a 2024 matchup against Joe Biden, has signaled opposition to the emerging compromise.

The reporting prompted a furor of confusion, and pushback, among
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