Haley blasts Trump’s latest political strategy as ‘totally unhinged’

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley ridiculed 2024 Republican primary opponent Donald Trump’s campaign strategy as “totally unhinged.”

Haley made the comment Friday on America’s Newsroom. After losing the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucuses, she criticized Trump’s campaign, including its barring of Haley’s campaign donors.

“He’s going to ban anyone from MAGA that donates to me,” Haley said. “Think about that. That’s a president who is supposed to serve every person in America, and you’re deciding that you’re going to have a club and actually ban people from being in and out of your club. And then he goes and encourages the members of the RNC and tries to push them into saying that he’s the nominee in the race. I mean, they got so much pushback that he
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