Ex-Trump chief makes case for five-year presidency, starting with Year Zero

In the history of troubled presidential transitions and first years, it’s hard to ignore former President Donald Trump’s start in 2017.

First, he fired his transition director, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and then once in office, he failed to push through promised changes to Obamacare. His travel ban on suspected terrorist-supporting nations faced several court challenges.

Just as bad, some of his Cabinet and picks for top aides flopped.

But as he looks at a possible second try should he beat President Joe Biden in November, expectations are high that he will better prepare to manage the Oval Office, begin the transition sooner, and test his initial policy moves way before Inauguration Day.

“Do not underestimate Trump,” said Christopher Liddell, Trump’s former deputy chief of staff. “Certainly when you look at the way he’s
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