Can the US and UK bomb the Houthis into submission?

The last thing President Joe Biden needs right now is a full-on shooting war with the Houthi rebels in control of a third of Yemen. But with the battle-hardened forces spoiling for a fight with Israel and the United States, Biden felt forced to respond with military force.

Following the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas terrorists in Israel, and Israel’s subsequent campaign to eliminate Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the Biden administration has stated repeatedly its overall goal is to avoid a wider war in the region and has tempered its response accordingly.

But the Houthis, a clan little known outside Yemen until they took over the country’s capital Sanaa in 2014, along with other Iranian-backed proxies in the region, had other ideas.

At first, the Houthis tried to lob missiles into Israel. But it was too far away
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