Boebert faces ire of rival candidates as controversies capture focus of Colorado debate

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) brushed off questions about her controversial behavior over the past year in her first debate within a new district.

Boebert is running for office in Colorado’s 4th Congressional district, a different one than the one she is currently representing, the 3rd. Her Thursday showing saw her begin with a bumpy start as she was met with hostility by many of the nine other candidates on the panel.

Several questions were raised to all the candidates, but likely with her in mind, such as mentioning behavior while in office. Boebert brushed off any concerns, saying that voters were more concerned with issues such as inflation.

At one point in the debate, the candidates were given the opportunity to ask each other questions. State Rep. Mike Lynch pointedly asked Boebert what the definition of a
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