Biden runs through red light in latest part of $25 billion electric vehicle push

President Joe Biden vetoed a GOP-led electric vehicle bill on Wednesday that would have allowed some foreign-made parts to be used in United States EV charging stations.

Biden said the bill would have reverted U.S. policy back to the 1980s, which would have overturned his administration’s “made in America” policy and made the U.S. more reliant on China. 

“If enacted, this resolution would harm my Administration’s efforts to encourage investment in critical industries and bring high-quality jobs back to the United States,” Biden said in a statement Wednesday. “It would not only thwart the collective goal of the Congress and the Administration to establish a domestic EV charger manufacturing industry, but it would also delay the significant progress being made by my Administration and the States in establishing the EV charging network.”

The veto was part of the president’s
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