A second Biden term would aim to fulfill liberal policy wish list

Former President Donald Trump is preparing a revenge tour. He has promised to be voters’ “retribution.” He vows to speak for the voters left behind, ignored, or betrayed by President Joe Biden

A deadlocked Congress in the second half of Trump’s 2017-21 term and the difficulties of learning how to navigate Washington left Trump with a laundry list of failed accomplishments in office. Now he’s pledging to deliver on original promises from his 2016 campaign. And it’s an ironic echo of Biden’s own 2020 campaign call to send him back to the White House to “finish the job,” a reference to his eight years as vice president to Barack Obama from 2009-17.

Similar to his November rematch opponent, Biden has his own unfulfilled legislative wish list, going back to the Obama administration — and even Biden’s 36 years
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