Voters see ‘same Donald Trump of 10 years ago,’ setting him apart from Biden: Sarah Bedford

The Washington Examiner’s Sarah Bedford suggested voters’ concerns regarding the ages of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump don’t compare.

While appearing on Your World with Neil Cavuto, Bedford said there is a marked difference between how voters perceive the cognitive ability of Biden, 81, versus that of Trump, 77.

“I don’t think there’s any real comparison of Donald Trump’s abilities versus Joe Biden’s abilities right now — in terms of the minds of voters,” Bedford said. “The problem for Joe Biden is that when you look at footage of him now relative to footage of him even 10 years ago, there’s a noticeable difference in his energy levels, in his ability to string a sentence together.”

“For Donald Trump, now he’s the same Donald Trump of 10 years ago, of 20 years ago,” she continued. “He’s
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