Voters: ‘Bidenomics’ a loser, will help Trump win

America’s voters view the White House term “Bidenomics” negatively and believe that President Joe Biden’s touting of it will actually help former President Donald Trump win in the fall election.

A risky strategy from the start since similar phrases such as “Reaganomics” were used against the sitting president, Biden’s team believed they could spin the term positively. The president even said it was interchangeable with the “American Dream.”

But in the latest Rasmussen Reports survey shared with Secrets Thursday morning, likely voters weren’t buying Bidenomics.

By a 44%-26% margin, voters said that the term would help Trump, not Biden, “win” the fall election. Most of the rest, 23%, said it won’t make a difference in the outcome.

What’s more, the term helped voters recall the economic prosperity when Trump was president.

A near majority, 48%, said that
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