Riley Gaines to release new children’s book

Former NCAA women’s swimmer Riley Gaines has a new venture coming out on Thursday.

Gaines will be releasing her first children’s book, Happy No Snakes Day, to teach children about “the importance of standing up for the truth.”

The 12-time All-American competitive swimmer joins the growing roster of book authors at the up-and-coming conservative Christian book company BRAVE Books.

“I’m so excited to have Riley Gaines, a bold voice of clarity in a sea of confusion, join the BRAVE Books family as our newest author,” BRAVE Books founder Trent Talbot said to the Washington Examiner.

Riley Gaines releases her first children’s book, Happy No Snakes Day, with conservative publisher Brave Books on Jan. 25, 2024. (Photo courtesy of Brave Books)

Talbot added, “Through a hilarious and thrilling adventure, Riley’s devoted passion for the truth is undeniably depicted in Happy No
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