Orioles great Jim Palmer balks at Biden’s ‘open borders’

Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher and Baltimore Orioles great Jim Palmer is criticizing the “open borders” agenda of President Joe Biden.

In a thread posted on X, the Orioles broadcaster called the immigration crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border “detrimental” to the nation’s safety.

His Wednesday post drew a lot of attention, some of it critical. But Palmer brushed the criticism aside with grace, writing, “I am allowed to have an opinion.”

Amazing fact. My US passport was about to expire, sent it in expedited, normally 4-6 weeks , came back in 11 days. I guess they’re not doing much passport business at our southern border.

— Jim Palmer (@Jim22Palmer) January 24, 2024

Palmer, 78, the winner of three Cy Young Awards, apparently did not go on X to hit the border crisis. That was an afterthought tagged to
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