‘Maintain consumer choice’: GOP governors want to stop Biden’s EV mandate

(The Center Square) – A group of Republican governors is calling on President Joe Biden to halt his electric vehicle mandate proposal.

In a letter to the president, the governors said they aren’t opposed to electric vehicles, but rather overreaching federal government mandates that “penalize retailers and do not reflect the will of the consumer” in the U.S.

“Even with deep price cuts, manufacturers’ incentives, and generous government funding, federal mandates on electric vehicles are unrealistic,” the governors wrote. The EPA is pushing for two-thirds of vehicles in the U.S. to be battery-powered by 2032 in an effort to help combat man-made climate change and reduce America’s dependency on oil.

The administration has taken steps in recent months to build more charging stations, but lack of infrastructure is an issue for the governors. They add in the letter that there’s a concern about “grid capacity and reliability.”

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