Israel minister warns Iran now ‘legitimate target’ for missile strikes

Israeli Minister of Economy Nir Barkat said Iran is a “legitimate target” for Israeli missile strikes as it continues its three-month war with Hamas.

Barkat boasted of Israel’s military capabilities for an all-out war against Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, arguing that Israel has not been aggressive enough in its response to the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack, which Israel believes was facilitated to some degree by Iran.

“Iran is a legitimate target for Israel. They will not get away with it,” Barkat said. “The head of the snake is Tehran.”

“We believe them when they say they want to destroy Israel,” Barkat said. “We are not going to allow another Holocaust.”

Barkat, the favorite to replace Benjamin Netanyahu as head of Likud, the country’s ruling party, stressed that Israel should not allow Iran to “sleep
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