Former DC councilman convicted of bribery is running for Congress

Former D.C. Councilman Michael A. Brown, who served a prison sentence for bribery, will make a run for Washington’s nonvoting delegate in the House of Representatives. 

Brown pleaded guilty in 2013 and was sentenced in 2014 to three years in prison for accepting $55,000 in bribes from who he believed to be a businessman seeking preferential treatment on government contracts — the man was an undercover FBI investigator. He also admitted to accepting shadow campaign funds from businessman Jeffrey Thompson, who pleaded guilty to felony charges related to pouring millions of illegal dollars into political campaigns. Brown was released in 2016.

“Relative to my huge mistake, I paid the price; I took responsibility,” Brown told the Washington Post on Wednesday in announcing his bid for Congress. “I put myself in that situation, and I shouldn’t have. I will
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