Ukraine funding runs into new Senate roadblock over nonlethal aid

The fight over Ukraine funding has run into a fresh roadblock in the Senate as Republicans eye cuts to the nonmilitary portions of the aid.

President Joe Biden made a $106 billion funding request in the fall, largely for Ukraine but also for Israel and Taiwan. The supplemental is geared toward security assistance as war rages in Europe and the Middle East, but it also includes nonlethal aid.

The legislation, released by the Senate Appropriations Committee in December, would allocate $12 billion in “direct budget support” for the Ukrainian government, plus $2 billion in economic assistance. Another $10 billion would go toward humanitarian aid in Ukraine, Gaza, and elsewhere.

Senate leadership is broadly supportive of Ukraine aid, even if conservative members want to cut off funding entirely. But Sen. John Thune (R-SD), the Senate minority whip, made clear
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