Teenagers spent an average of two hours a day on TikTok in 2023, data reveal

Data show that teenage TikTok users spent an average of two hours a day on the app in 2023, revealing the social media network has only grown in prevalence among the youth even as it has faced mounting skepticism from the public and Congress.

A report Wednesday from parental control software developer Qustudio found that 18-and-under users in the United States were viewing TikTok 120 minutes a day in 2023, a steady increase from 113 minutes in 2022.

Instagram saw similar growth. Youth in the United States used the app 65 minutes a day, a significant increase from 43 minutes in 2022.

This increased amount of time spent on the platforms coincided with growing efforts from parents, lawmakers, and regulators in 2023 to limit social media use by youth.

Big Tech companies “are up against some serious social and governmental change primarily
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