Stephen A. Smith boasts that he’d ‘eat Trump alive’ in a debate: ‘Name the time and place’

Stephen A. Smith told satellite radio host Howard Stern that he’d love to “eat” former President Donald Trump “alive” in a presidential debate.

The ESPN commentator has been known to discuss politics on the cable network and on his podcast, where he recently stated President Joe Biden should drop out of the race in favor of Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) becoming the Democratic nominee.

Smith, while vocal, said he himself doesn’t have further political aspirations.

“Would you ever run for office?” Stern asked Smith on Tuesday.

“Hell no,” Smith responded.

Stern interjected, “You know why? You’re making a lot of money!”

Smith agreed, “That’s right. Right there. Stop right there.”

He added, “Let me be very candid: I’m not giving up my quality of life to earn $400,000 a year and be stressed. It ain’t happening. It’s that simple
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