Salena Zito downplays UAW endorsement of Biden as ‘not reflective of rank-and-file’ voters

The Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito suggested that the United Auto Workers‘s endorsement of President Joe Biden does not reflect the rank-and-file auto industry voters who worry the president’s electric vehicle agenda may push them out of work.

“Union endorsements are often very transactional between leadership and the person that they’re endorsing, and it’s not always — in fact, very often not always — reflective of how the rank-and-file vote,” Zito said on Wednesday during an interview with Fox News.

Zito said voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, states where UAW members have or considered going on strike, are more “culturally conservative” even if they register as Democrats.

“They have looked at this push from the Biden White House on green jobs and green energy and EVs, and it has a
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