New York outpacing all states in advancing election legislation

Through Friday, legislators in New York have passed 24 election-related bills out of at least one chamber of the Legislature, more than all other state legislatures combined.

The legislation in New York covers a range of election-related topics including absentee ballot drop-boxes, maintenance of voter rolls, and oversight of election officials, workers, and volunteers.

All 24 bills originated in the Senate. New York lawmakers considered more than 500 election-related bills and enacted 70 across 2022 and 2023 legislative sessions. Wisconsin and West Virginia have advanced three each; Washington two; and there’s been one each in California, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio and South Carolina.

In New Jersey, Assembly Bill 3690 passed both chambers of the state’s Legislature in 2023 and Gov. Phil Murphy signed it Jan. 4. The new law permits 17-year-old voters to vote in primaries if they will turn 18 by the time
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